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Paleo Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

So I’m Cheap. I mean, pretty close to depression era “save your damp paper towels for another use” sort of cheap, but not that much. I do however, hate to spend more than $2.50 on munchie snacks. Like chips for example. They’re pretty cheap, and prior to my paleo/keto days, I would have totally plowed… Continue reading Paleo Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

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Unpretentious Pulled Pork – Ugly but good

Can we take a moment to thank Jesus for pork? I mean, that is why he came and died for our sins, right? For bacon. Before you get all offended by my sarcasm, I just want you to know that Jesus is up there right now, busting a gut, laughing¬†“it’s true, it’s SO¬†true.” He likes… Continue reading Unpretentious Pulled Pork – Ugly but good