100 Uses for Coconut Oil + one more…

So as a self proclaimed DIYer, the major problem that I have is lack of preparation. I will admit it. This shows up mostly in my constant refusal to wear gloves. I never have them on hand I they make me feel so restricted.

So got my Rustoleum out today to stain the Large Frame DIY what I’ve been working on. Using a rag to apply… and over the top of card board (of which I am very proud since I didn’t decide to do it directly over the garage floor). I still got a bunch of it on my hands.

Naaaasty. And smelly.

Displaying photo 1.JPG

After a few unsuccessful attempts to wash it off with VERY hot water and drying dish soap.. no dice.

SO before heading to the nail polish remover… (Which I still need to do obviously), I grabbed my jar of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and VOILA! Gone. I freakin love this stuff.

Please pay no attention to the chippy nail polish. smh

Eventually, I plan to compile a list of uses for Coconut oil as they are endless and we all should use it for pretty much everything. Feel Free to view 107 Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil by Everyday Roots.

Now back to the rest of the project.


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