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Unpretentious Pulled Pork – Ugly but good

Can we take a moment to thank Jesus for pork? I mean, that is why he came and died for our sins, right? For bacon. Before you get all offended by my sarcasm, I just want you to know that Jesus is up there right now, busting a gut, laughing “it’s true, it’s SO true.” He likes my jokes. Anyway, from all my dieting years, I learned to AVOID pork at all costs.It’s true, from a nutrition standpoint, and I’m not going to get all high and mighty about farming practices here, or how BBQ’s cause cancer. This recipe is about convenience, taste and as little ingredients as possible.

This is was my first time searing a Boston Butt, and I must say, it went well. If you don’t pay attention to the Fire department showing up…

The sweetest part is that my little guy ran downstairs yelling “why firetruck here firetruck here??” and my lovely husband says “mommy’s cooking” as a reply. I learned a lesson in this process though, and that is to not, I repeat, DO NOT use coconut oil to sear your butt. It smokes horribly and this will happen to you as well. For future, use some ghee. (This oil sounds ridiculous in light of my above declaration not to be pretentious, but it’s super easy to make and worth it in flavor. I’ll post instructions soon.)

So here’s your No Fire Department Recipe for Crock Pot Boston Butt

4 lb Boston Butt
1 tbsp Garlic Powder
2 tbsp Sea Salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 TBSP ghee
dash of liquid smoke

Rub Salt, Garlic Powder and Pepper into fatty side of meat, working it around the whole butt.
Sear in large frying pan for 2 minutes on each side in 1 tbsp ghee.

Once Seared, place in Crock pot on High for 1 hour. turn it down to low for another 7 hours.

Once it’s falling off the bone, pour in some paleo barbeque sauce and shred it up with two forks
Serve with cole slaw. Yummo.



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