Update: I made it 27 days

Sorry I haven’t gotten around to updating anyboday in a while.
I made it 27 days without sugar and on the 27th day, I caved and had a key lime pie at my going away party.
We have moved since then to Hilton Head Island, SC… and it is so hot. I can’t eat anything but fruit.

notive I said I can’t eat anything but fruit. Not “I don’t want anything but fruit”.

The reality is, all I wanted to eat when we moved here was ice cream because it was too stinking hot to cook. I did that for a few weeks, and then it backfired. Sugar addiction was back in fullllllll swing.

Promptly upon moving here, however, I joined a popular bootcamp gym called “Island Playground”. Jen ( the instructor) works you out so hard, it’s like youve never worked out before. That mitigated the gains I would have had from the ice cream and pina coladas the first month here.

Now, we’re back in. I’ve increased the fruits and veggies, and I’m down 5 lbs in a week. So, there ya go.


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